Pork Build-A-Bundle

Minimum Weight of Bundle: 20 lbs

Package Contents:  Any combination of our pork products that you would like!

How it Works:  Let us know how many packages of what cuts you would like...and we'll let you know what the total is.  You can then confirm your order and pick up at either our Gettysburg or Carlisle farms.

Available Cuts:

  • breakfast sausage links
  • "fresh" sausage links (salt & pepper seasoned)
  • sweet italian sausage links
  • hot italian sausage links
  • kielbasa sausage links
  • smoked kielbasa sausage links
  • chorizo sausage links
  • smoked chorizo sausage links
  • country sausage links (with corriander)
  • sage sausage links
  • loose sausage (salt & pepper seasoned)
  • ground pork (nothing added)
  • sausage patties 
  • hot dogs
  • pork roll
  • bacon
  • country bacon
  • canadian bacon
  • boneless loin roast (approx 2.5-3 lbs)
  • bone-in chops (2/pack)
  • boneless shoulder roast (approx 3.5 lbs)
  • boston butt roast (approx 4 lbs)
  • baby back ribs
  • spare ribs
  • country style spare ribs
  • ham half
  • ham hock
  • leaf lard
  • feet
  • kidney
  • tongue
  • heart
  • tail
  • bones

All sausages and bacon are in approximately 1 lb packs.

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