1/4 Beef

1/4 Beef Bundle:  $834

90 lbs finished meat


1/4 Beef Bundle contains:

32 packs of ground beef (approx 1 lb each)

8 packs of hamburger patties (4 per pack=approx 1 lb per pack)

2 pack of beef cubes (approx 1 lb)

4 chipsteaks

6 delmonico steaks

2 flat iron OR petite tender steak

6 filet mignon steaks

6 New York strip steaks

4 sirloin steaks

10 roasts (could include top round, eye of round, arm, chuck, tri tip, rump, london broil, and/or brisket) (approx 2-3.5 lb roasts)

2-4 miscellaneous items (could be any cut from beef to make bundle total 90 lbs)


Meat is frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness.

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